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Common questions

Reseller Hosting

Is there a limit to how many websites I can host?

The only limit on all of our reseller hosting accounts is on disk space. So you can create as many accounts / domains as you like providing you don’t exceed this. Our top package comes with 100GB of ssd disk space.

How do I go about creating plans for my clients?

We offer full feature management so you can create plans that you can assign to your clients meaning you can duplicate package specifications quickly and easily.

Do I need to pay more if I get more customers?

No, there is no limit to the amount of customers you can have and there are no additional charges other than the single, fixed monthly fee – regardless of account or client count.

Is it easy to add/remove accounts?

Extremely easy. All of our reseller hosting plans come with Directadmin & (WHMCS) which is the industry leader in web host management. You can add accounts for you or your clients within seconds.

What can I offer my clients?

As an owner of a Host-4u reseller account, not only can you resell great hosting, you can also resell any of our core services such as our world renowned backup plans and website builder.

Email Hosting

Does your e-mail hosting come with a webmail option?

Yes, all of our hosting accounts come with Directadmin which includes a range of web mail options such as Roundcube and Squirrelmail.

I want to migrate my corporate e-mail to Host-4u

Yes, all of our hosting accounts, e-mail hosting included come with free migration. If this is something you’d like to take advantage of then just let us know once your new account is up and running.

Do you offer spam filtering?

Yes, all of our hosting plans come with the Spamassassin protection software which can be fully configured based on your requirements.

Can I setup forwarders or am I limited to POP3 or IMAP?

Yes you can setup e-mail forwarders via Directadmin. You can forward to multiple addresses or setup catch all accounts to forward all e-mail sent to a given domain.

What if I need more space or mailboxes?

Our email packages are fully customisable to grow and adapt alongside you and your business. Whether you need more space or mailboxes, you can simply upgrade via your Online Control Panel or call us anytime and our team will be happy to help.

Web Hosting

Do your packages allow me to host multiple websites on the same account?

Yes, all of our packages allow you to host additional domains and websites on the same account. How many you’ll be able to host will depend on what solution you’ve chosen. You can host anywhere from 2 domains right though to unlimited domains.

Is it possible to upgrade my web hosting package half way through a billing period?

This is actually quite common. We simply ask you to pay the difference between the packages on a pro-rata basis. So for example if you’re being billed monthly and you wish to upgrade half way through the month, you’d simply pay half of the price of the higher package. You’d then be billed as normal on going.

Is there a reason you don't offer unlimited disk space with any of your hosting solutions?

First and foremost it is very rare that someone would need an unlimited amount of disk space. We’re aware that other website hosting companies offer this but it tends to be somewhat of a fake sales pitch. Some hosting companies will tout unlimited disk space but limit you to a maximum amount of files. Or they’d restrict you based on file type so typically large files such as zip archives, music or videos wouldn’t be allowed. Or they simply restrict you on the individual file size itself. All of these restrictions are designed to stop you using a significant amount of disk space. Host-4u have no restrictions of this nature, we prefer to be up front. We offer a fixed disk size and you’re effectively free to do as you please with it.

It says you're a UK hosting company, does that mean your web servers are located in the UK?

Yes, all of our servers are housed in a state of the art data centre located in London. Our support team is also based in the UK and we’re a fully registered UK private limited company. We even pay all of our UK taxes.

If I host my domain with Host-4u, does that allow me to have my own e-mail address?

Yes, and not only that, with all of the hosting packages at Host-4u we offer unlimited e-mail accounts. So you’re free to create as many POP3/IMAP/Webmail accounts as you like. This also includes forwarders and catch alls. There are no restrictions whatsoever. We also offer powerful anti-spam software on all plans and packages.

I want to resell your hosting services - is that an option?

Of course, we offer a range of reseller hosting solutions designed to suit any level as reseller. All of them come fully managed and fully loaded Directadmin for each individual account. They also feature full package and quota management so you can define exactly what each package has at its disposal in terms of features and resources.

I am not sure your hosting packages will be enough for my site - what else do you offer?

Given we own and operate our own web servers we can pretty much create any solution you desire. We host a lot of clients who have completely bespoke enterprise level solutions. Host-4u is currently hosting some of the highest traffic websites in the UK on fully custom hosting solutions. If you’d like to know specifically what we could do for you then please get in touch with us.

Do you charge extra for additional bandwidth? I run a high traffic website.

There are no bandwidth charges at Host-4u whatsoever. All of our hosting and server packages come with unlimited bandwidth as standard. We actually encourage high traffic websites to host with us. You will never get an over bandwidth charge at the end of the month with Host-4u!

Do you only offer website hosting? I just need my domain for personalised e-mail.

We have a vast array of dedicated e-mail hosting solutions here at Host-4u. All of them come feature loaded with powerful spam protection, webmail, unlimited e-mail forwarders, mailboxes and more. You can also host multiple domains and control all aspects of your e-mail accounts via the popular and powerful control panel – Directadmin.

How do you offer your service so cheap in comparison to other UK web hosts?

Our mission is to provide a premium quality web hosting service for some of the cheapest prices in the UK. There are many reasons we’re able to do this. Primarily it’s because we’ve invested heavily in our own hardware in the early days which means we have no expensive hardware lease charges like other UK web hosts. This means we can pass those savings onto our customers.

How much do you charge to backup my data?

We don’t charge for this at all. We offer a free daily backup of your entire account. And we don’t just backup your website. We also backup all of your e-mail accounts, your website statistics, your databases and everything related to your account itself. We take a complete snapshot.

We've made a special effort to put in place as much useful help information in this knowledgebase as possible, but if you find something that isn't covered then drop us a support request via your client area and we'll be happy to help.

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