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Free Migration Service

One of the most challenging things about moving to a new hosting company is moving your web site.
We want to take that pain away and make it easy for you to move to Host-4u.
We offer a web site moving service for all customers who have an existing web site with another hosting provider at no charge.

It's really easy to move to Host-4u, let us explain how.

Sign up for a new hosting plan
Sign up for one of our great value for money hosting plans from our web site at Once you receive your account activation email you’ll have all of the details you need to access your new account. You should keep hold of this email for future use.
Don't worry we won't start migrating your web site yet - nothing will go offline.

Get ready to transfer your web site
Once your account has been activated and when you’re ready to transfer your web site complete this Website Migration Request form which is also available on our support portal.
Complete all of the fields as appropriate together with any other relevant information.
Our engineers will receive the request and make an initial survey.
First of all they’ll take a look at your existing web site and check they have all if the information they need and check that there are no issues that would prevent a migration taking place.
If everything is OK they’ll begin the process of transferring your web site. If not they will let you know and propose any remedial action.
Our engineers will notify you before they begin the transfer process.
Once they begin it could take anything from 1 to 48 hours, depending on where it is transferring from, how much information there is to transfer.
They will keep you advised throughout the process.

Test everything
Once the web site has been moved the migrations engineers will ask you to test your new web site to ensure everything is as you would expect.
We'll check also that you have your email accounts set up OK. We do offer an email migration service if you need that.
If everything is OK they may then contact you to change the name servers or DNS records for your domain so that it’s pointing at our servers. Changing DNS could take around 24-48 hours.
If you are transferring your domain(s) to us there may be some additional work for you to do although if you are using our Managed Domain Transfer Service we’ll manage this for you also.


Once everything is moved over and you’re happy that your new web site is up and running OK you can cancel your account with your old provider with confidence.
You moved your web site without any worry - Welcome to Host-4u.

* Please note that all site moves are subject to survey. In some rare cases it may not be feasable to perform a site transfer due to technical reasons or restrictions, matters beyond our reasonable control, or if the migration while possible would involve excessive technical resources that would make it economically unfeasable without charge. In all cases we will advise you after the initial survey has taken place and where possible propose an alternative solution.

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Any Questions?

We aim to make the process easy and stress free.
We’re sure you might have a few questions so please feel free to ask us - or by clicking on the live chat icon at the side of the page.

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